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Saùl Asensi

Spanish padel head coach, Padel club and sport events manager, with more than 15 years of padel career in Spain and Belgium which allowed me to build a very extensive professional knowledge around this sport.


15 years of padel in Spain & Belgium
Course: Management of sport events
Course: Sport coaching
Course: Kinetic chain and biomechanics applied to padel


– Developed individual and group Padel programs and lessons plan.

– Promoted love of game by assisting players with understanding positioning, play technique, and teamwork strategies.

– Prepared players by providing specific training focused on competition.

– Developed suitable training programs for students, based on their age, objectives, and individual skillsets.


  • Pricing includes court and didactic material.

Privélessen / Private Lessons

  • 1 person 60€/h

  • 2 people 30€/h pp

  • 3 people 23€/h pp

  • 4 people 19€/h pp

Beschikbaarheden op weekbasis / Weekly availabilities

  • Tuesday 9h till 12h

  • Friday 14h till 19h

  • Saturday 9h till 13h

The availabilities above are subject to booked classes. Contact me for more information.